Is Anxiety Keeping You From Living The Life You Desire?

Do you spend nights wide awake, stuck in a loop of worry and anxiety? Those constant 'What if?' thoughts seem to follow you everywhere – when you're alone, at work, or spending time with friends and family. The results of your choices, the words and opinions of others, and your own self-doubt don’t let you feel safe anywhere.

Anxiety is a normal response to stress or threats. It helps us deal with challenges by making us more alert when things are tough. But if anxiety becomes too intense or lasts too long, and we don’t know how to cope with it, it can take away all our strength and energy and leave us constantly feeling vulnerable and out of control.

Anxiety can be overwhelming, making you feel on edge at work, scared of taking on new tasks or responsibilities, uncomfortable around people, and afraid of their attention. You might find yourself thinking about worst-case scenarios and feeling exhausted and tired. Sometimes, all you want is to stop worrying and feel calm, but it seems like there's nothing there to help you feel safe.

Thousands Of People Struggle With Anxiety And Stress

Anxiety disorders rank as the most widespread among mental health challenges, affecting about one in 10 Canadians.
There are many factors which make anxiety so common and so hard to overcome: lots of stressors at work and in the environment that surround us every day of our lives, high expectations communicated by parents, school and work, lack of safe relationships and supports, irrational thought patterns that overestimate the danger and underestimate the ability to cope.

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Symptoms of anxiety can vary in intensity and duration from person to person, but most often include:
Excessive Worrying: Persistent and uncontrollable thoughts about future events, often expecting the worst.
Physical Activation: Tension, rapid heartbeat, trouble breathing, sweating, nausea or upset stomach, restlessness.
Irritability: Being easily annoyed or agitated, often over minor things.
Sleep Disturbances: Difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or experiencing restless sleep.
Difficulty Concentrating: Finding it hard to focus or concentrate on tasks.
Mind Blankness: Going blank or having difficulty thinking clearly.
Avoidance: Steering clear of situations that trigger anxiety.

The feeling of being surrounded by constant dangers and helplessness can be very extremely overwhelming. But there’s good news. Our experience, backed by lots of research evidence, shows that with the help of a compassionate, experienced therapist you can overcome anxiety, regain control over your life and build confidence and safety.


Anxiety Therapy Can Help You Regain Confidence and Peace

Anxiety affects many people’s lives, and psychotherapists at our practice have dealt with its challenges both personally and professionally. We know how overwhelming and debilitating anxiety can be, and it is our goal to help our clients cope with it.

We combine our extensive experience in anxiety therapy with a supportive and hopeful approach. Whether the stress and worry you feel are caused by a recent change in your life or they haunt you for many years, anxiety therapy can help you learn the tools you need and set a secure foundation of self-confidence and safety. 

What to Expect From Therapy Sessions

In our sessions, we will focus on helping you build the tools and strategies necessary to cope with anxiety and its accompanying fears. We will explore how your body reacts to perceived danger, differentiate between rational and irrational thoughts, and learn to trust in your ability to face challenges and handle situations that may seem scary and impossible now. By understanding the roots of your anxiety and working through its underlying causes, we will pave the way for lasting transformation. Together, we will replace self-criticism and feelings of helplessness with self-assurance and resilience, empowering you to move from avoidance to freedom.

We Use A Variety Of Methods To Create An Approach That Works For You

As we progress through therapy, you will understand how anxiety presents itself in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and learn to break the cycles that perpetuate anxiety and stress. These skills and new experience of successfully addressing anxious thoughts and stressful feelings will foster a deep sense of trust in yourself and the world around you. Challenges that once seemed insurmountable will become opportunities for growth and learning. You will discover the strength within you to face life's uncertainties with confidence and security. Embracing your journey towards improved well-being, you will find yourself equipped to navigate obstacles with a newfound sense of assurance.

You May Still Have Questions About Anxiety Therapy

Thinking or talking about anxiety, especially with someone I don’t know well, feels scary and overwhelming, and I’d rather avoid it.

Avoidance only makes anxiety stronger, and addressing and understanding it is the way to change. However, we believe safety and comfort are essential for therapy to be effective, and we will always approach each session with empathy and compassion and move at your pace.

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I’ve tried a number of different ways to cope, but they didn’t stick.

Consistency and commitment play a crucial role in navigating anxiety, and psychotherapy provides a structured and supportive environment for consistent progress. By understanding the root causes and patterns of anxiety, we can collaboratively lay a strong foundation for the tools and strategies that will be most effective for you. It's like building a skill – the more you practice and commit to the process, the more empowered you become in managing and overcoming anxiety. 

I need to see tangible results, and I wonder if talking about anxiety can help. 

It's natural to want to see progress and improvements. Numerous research studies consistently demonstrate the effectiveness of therapy in treating anxiety. While talking about anxiety might seem abstract, our therapeutic approach is always goal-oriented. We will work collaboratively to define tangible objectives tailored to your specific needs. Throughout our sessions, we'll regularly discuss and evaluate the signs of progress, ensuring that you not only feel the positive changes but also see them in tangible, real-world outcomes. Together, we'll focus on achieving meaningful and measurable results in your journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.

You Can Change The Way You Think And Feel

We understand the unique challenges you may be facing. Anxiety can be overwhelming, but seeking support is a powerful decision that can lead to growth. Please use the button below to set up a free consult call or schedule a first session.